Why CrossGroup Networking?

We are Business Networkers who train "CPR Communication" for Businesses: Clear, Profitable & Responsible Communication for our Affluence Connection Network of the World's Wealthiest Cities.

News Flash: Join Our City by City Expansion to the Top Wealthiest City's Households to Infuse New Affluence into Networking.

(DON'T MISS our Complimentary Monthly National Networking Event

every 3rd Thursday at 10 am PST - That's 1 pm EST)

High level & Exciting Virtual Networking with Break Out Rooms

Immediately extend your reach to wealthy cities to connect with a national & global audience of affluent people

Unique Networking and Collaborative Opportunities to Grow Your Business

Training & Mastermind Sessions to Make Money Networking...

🔥 Network with People Who Can Afford to Pay You

🔥 Being Successful in the New Normal Economy

🔥 How to Create an Impactful Online Presence and First Impression

🔥 Effectively Growing Your Business

🔥 How to Connect & Follow Up

🔥 Creating the "Perfect Pitch"

🔥 PRE-Networking Event Warmups

🔥 Follow-up Networking AUTOMATIONS

CrossGroup Networking is Presented by The Affluence Connection Network


We are expanding.

Are you interested in expanding your network and national/global visibility? If so, reach out to us to discuss how we can help you CREATE YOUR OWN WEEKLY MEETING or about becoming an Ambassador or Power Partner leveraging the Cross Group Networking platform. We would love to hear from you. Click Graphics Below to Learn More.

For more information, contact Jim Chong at (916) 747-9366.

As Our Theme, this Year; We pledge to Help Bring Everyone Back Together by Promoting Clear, Responsible Communication & Dialogue Across All Groups through CrossGroup Online Virtual Business Networking in 2021 for America and the World .

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Ambassador Debrief and Update

Monday, January 25th 10 am PST (1 pm EST)

Click here to join:

https://zoom.us/my/crossgroup MTG ID: 415 781 9296:

Principals and Event Main CoHosts:

Mike Hayes (aka the NetworKing) & Jim T. Chong (aka The NetWOKing)

Mike@AffluenceConnectionNetwork.com (415)781-9296

Jim@AffluenceConnectionNetwork.com (916)747-9366

Main National Cross Group Networking Event Links to attend the next


EVENT & TRAINING LINKS for Cross Group Networking & Global Chamber Cooperative:

10 am PST (1 pm EST) Every Friday, Complimentary Training:

Topic- COMPLIMENTARY "PERFECT PITCH" TIPS: Zoom and Virtual Presence Workshop & Updates to the Affluence Connection Network.

Event Host / Instructor: Jim Chong with Mike Hayes

Description: Do you want to Triple or Quadruple your business and make effective use of your online time? Learn proven and innovative techniques for a great first impression and virtual footprint as you network and build your business online. Tips on First Impressions and Learn How to Tap into the Hidden Networking Wealth Right Under Your Feet and Right On Your Computer.

Click Here at 9:55 am PST- https://www.ZoomTurtle.com MTG ID: 916-888-6112


10 am PST (1 pm EST) EVERY FIRST THURSDAY: Complimentary Blitz Networking Training.

Topic- Make Money Networking with Blitz Networking and our Affluence Connection Network

Event Host / Instructor: Mike Hayes and Jim Chong

Description: Learn how to AUTOMATE 1:1 Networking and Webinar

Link: https://www.MakeMoneyNetworking.com


10 am PST (1 pm EST) EVERY THIRD THURSDAY: Online Virtual Business Networking

Topic: Learn: Major League Networking to Make Money Networking with More Wealthy Prospects.

Ambassador Co-Hosted Breakout Rooms.

Event Host / Instructor: Mike Hayes and Jim Chong

Description: Our Online Virtual Business Networking Events Typically Draw

100+ Networkers Drawing From Community Households with an Annual Income of

$150K to $200K and Who Can Afford to Buy What You Are Selling.

Link: Https://www.OnlineVirtualBusinessNetworking.com

The disruption of online virtual business networking has turned business on its head. You used to advertise with multimedia to attract and meet prospects after they learn all about you.

We promote BIG networking events where I learned that networking reversed that. Today you meet prospects first like an awkward blind date. In first networking meetings neither knows much about each other and too often leave the meeting confused or misunderstood.

MulitiMedia Followup is The New NetworKing because without it a terrible thing happens ... NOTHING.

Watch for my Multimedia Followup after we meet because it will teach you as much (or little) as you need to know to get more:



🔥 REACH MORE CONSUMERS (Facebook, FB Messenger, Linkedin, Twitter, email and more.


#3-PRIVATE NETWORKING DAILY TRAINING: 10 am PST (1 pm EST) Monday through Friday I hold networking workspace Meetings to train any businessperson how I use Eventbrite Automated Invitations to promote my proven GrossGroup Networking Strategy. This is proven to help all networking group organizers to get MORE TRAFFIC 🔥 MORE POWERFUL PRESENTATIONS 🔥 & MORE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT to make more money.


HERE ARE THREE IMPORTANT NEW FACTS OF LIFE that Should Convince You to Confront the New Reality of Business and Opportunity to Direct Online Virtual Business Networking Traffic to Your Virtual Showroom!

#1 Our Term Online Virtual Business Networking is Blazing HOT🔥 and Has Already Been Googled 1.3 Billion Times and Growing!

The Term "New Reality" is Nearing 1 Billion Searches so NewRealityofBusiness.com was born.

#3 It's Time to Move Forward into: 🔥 ONLINE VIRTUAL BUSINESS NETWORKING AND SELLING 🔥 and you can do that right here!

Our Mission is to Love and Support You:

“Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them."

Steve Jobs, Co-Founder Apple Computers

You can now - Tap into Hidden Networking Wealth - Right Under Your Feet with Our NetWorth Building - Tools of Communications and Networking Workspace Showrooms.

To earn a greater income in business today - savvy networkers are shifting focus to new ways of selling- in this new reality of business. This is opening - new opportunities - to direct business networking traffic streams - to their own online sales - showroom workspace.


Mike Hayes aka The Networking brings 30 years of corporate networking and media marketing experience from NBC in NY, CNN TV in LA, 15 years in TV infomercials to help entrepreneurs, small businesspeople and corporations like Capital One Cafe's to make more money with large professional business networking events and individual networking training and promotions.

At networking events use your phone to show your new reality networking card. Use our Eventbrite hosted content and traffic automation systems as a virtual networking showcase to direct networking traffic to your virtual showroom online. You deserve to make your value comparison presentation just like Apple, Tesla, Capital One, Carvana and more and now you can.

Mike Hayes

Founder Chairman of CrossGroup Networking

Cell- 415-781-92966

Personal Zoom ID: 415-781-9296

CrossGroup Networking Business Address:

1520 A Rancho View Drive, Lafayette, CA 94549