The New Reality of Business and Networking is Making Sales In New Virtual Ways!

Online Virtual Business Networking is Wonderful But Its Not Enough for Making Sales in Our New Reality of Business.


Shifting focus to the new reality of business creativity is wonderfully beneficial & its the vital key to closing more sales now.

Almost as soon as you start networking with our Networking Showrooms and Automated Networking Traffic Generators your sales are limited only by your creative ability to visualize your own new reality of business networking, of sales, and even of your happiness.


Our CrossGroup Networking Mission is to use Online Virtual Business Networking is to help business owners to their journey from the old normal to the new reality of making money in new ways formerly available only to big companies.

We have virtualized their entire sales process even replicating their $10 Million dollar showcases, showroom with purchase order signing spots to close more sales.

While this may seem like a big pioneering journey is mostly quick mindset shift by understanding that the old normal is already anachronistic thinking compared to the new reality of business.

As soon as you can change your mind to change your business you are already there.

Power up with our fast track online virtual networking traffic generators to your Virtual Networking showcases and Showrooms complete with Purchase order signing spots

Join our pioneering journey right here to close more sales with The New Reality of Online Virtual Business Networking complete with Value Comparison Sales Closing Presentation Right on Your New Reality Purchase Order Signing Spot.

Tap into Networking Wealth Right Under Your Feet with Our NetWorth Building Tools of Communications and Networking Showrooms.

To earn a greater income in business today savvy networkers are shifting focus to new ways of selling in this new reality of business. This is opening new opportunities to direct business networking traffic streams to their own online sales showcases.

You only need to look around to see that customer traffic streams to business places have shrunk to a trickle or shut off altogether since our old normal disappeared.

In the old normal, successful businesses such as Apple, Tesla, Capital One, and Amazon had the advantage of building very expensive showrooms to make their Value Comparison Selling (VCS) Presentations.

Now you too can compete, just like the big boys, and showcase your Value Comparison Selling Presentation to enhance the amount of money that people are willing to pay you.

In the new reality of business, every businessperson can suddenly afford to network up a steady stream of customer traffic to their own networking showroom.

Visualize yourself selling to customers wherever you are happiest or most comfortable explaining your own value comparison with a multimedia presentation.

Many people are turning to online virtual business networking events to find out what to do now or to meet people to try to make sales.

Most people are ill-prepared to make sales at networking events.

It's HOW you network that counts. Over 20 years ago I created my Value Comparison Selling (VCS) System, I've used it to sell over $200 Million dollars of products and services, and become known as The NetworKing. Now I want to help you make more networking sales.

People cannot fully understand the true value of what you offer from an Elevator Pitch alone and so they are unwilling to pay you what you deserve. You need the time and place to explain through Value Comparison Selling (VCS) the true value of working with you.

My Value Comparison (VCS) Selling System allows you to make an automated steady stream of multimedia presentations in an Online Virtual Business Networking Showroom where you can now present like Apple, Tesla, Capital One, Carvana, and more to create more sales success.

You need to do more than just networking to make value comparison sales in the new reality of business.

No longer look at business networking events as your destination but rather as the opportunity to direct streaming traffic to your networking showroom and a virtual showcase on your phone is a great way to do that.

We've been helping entrepreneurs make more sales for years and I can show you how to stage your own value comparison selling presentation with our own VCS networking showroom and automated traffic solutions so please ask for a free DEMO.

Remember, you need to stage your sales presentation just us you need to stage your home for the eye of the buyer to sell it at its full value. Allow me to demonstrate my system before deciding if this way of making sales is for you.

We are able to offer you networking automated traffic streams to your comparison presentation virtual showroom and provide video content and LIVE mentoring M-F to help you optimize it.

We've been doing virtual business networking like this for years and we'll show you how to stage your own value comparison selling presentation with our own VCS showroom so please ask for a free short LIVE DEMO.

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Look Below: There is Simply No Comparison to the Costly Old Sales Showrooms and The New Reality of Business Communications and Sales Showrooms.

Carvana compares buying a car to the ease of buying a candy bar and became the fastest growing car company in the country. That's Value Comparison Selling!



Creative Thinking: Problem Solving for the New Reality

Intentional creativity unlocks an unlimited new reality framework for virtual replacement solutions, focusing our thinking and releasing our ability to discover, develop, and implement new possibilities. Our New Reality Network of station directors learn a simple yet powerful tool that will jump-start creative problem-solving capability. Together we'll implement a tangible strategy that you and your team can immediately apply, to uncover possibilities and control uncertainty.

Harvard Business School Course

At networking events use your phone to show your new reality networking card. Use our Eventbrite hosted content and traffic automation systems as a virtual networking showcase to direct networking traffic to your virtual showroom online. You deserve to make your value comparison presentation just like Apple, Tesla, Capital One, Carvana and more and now you can.

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